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Charles Neufeldt
Badminton and Pickleball coach.

Coaching History

Badminton Head Coach, Team BC NAIG Presently.
Coach Developer with Badminton BC Presently.
Head coach at The Riverside Badminton and Tennis Club in Saskatoon from 2006 to 2011.
Assistant coach at Hollyburn Country Club in West Vancouver Presently.
Currently coaching top junior players, as well as players of all ages and skill levels.

Player History


Won the Canadian Aboriginal Badminton Championships Triple Crown 2011-2013

Won the Saskatchewan Open Mixed Doubles 2006-2014

Pickleball Skill Level 5.0

1ST Place Byrne Creek 5.0 Men's Doubles 2018

1ST Place Picklemania III Open Mixed Doubles 2018

1ST Place Alberta Provincial Championship 5.0 Men's Doubles 2017

2ND Place Pickle in the Park 5.0 Men's Doubles 2017

2ND Place Byrne Creek 5.0 Men's Doubles 2017

1ST Place Byrne Creek 4.5 Mixed Doubles 2017

Email me at Lessons@racketsandpaddles.com