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Practicing racket sports definitely puts the elbow under strain. These compression arm-sleeves will give efficient support and even more thanks to the silicon it is made in. 

The Tops of ELBOW SILICON ARMFORCE – custom sports apparel for racket sports!

  • Improved oxygenation through optimised blood circulation that minimises cramps and injuries. Toxins are eliminated and recovery is quicker. 
  • If confronted to shocks and vibrations during effort, your arm is protected against aches, contractures and injuries.
  • The elbow protect prevents muscle vibration and prevents pain.
  • Benefiting from the thermo-regulation technology only Compressport® masters, it ensures your arm remain warm through colds, chills and rains. During hot seasons arms stay cool. 
  • It stimulates different muscular receptors, and by so doing, enhances the perception of your movements and improves your body balance. 
  • The arm contours fit well in the arm sleeves thus ensuring optimum comfort and freedom of movement
  • Never has an arm sleeve been so lightweight and so comfortable! It is tear-proof, non-pilling and 100% recyclable.
  • Perspiration catchers, in the form of 3D dots, allow you to wipe away perspiration, as a wristband would do.
  • No extra water is loaded in the garment, maximum ventilation is guaranteed and it dries quickly.

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